Renting a House in Tampa vs. Buying

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Renting a house in Tampa, Tampa Bay Area, Westchase, Citrus Park, Palm Harbor, and many areas of Florida has become very popular.  People are afraid to purchase due to the uncertainty of the economy right now.

Is it a good time to buy?

It probably is with interest rates at their lowest and house prices very low, but people do not necessarily want to own homes right now.  They are afraid that their equity in the home will not grow as it has historically.   Renting a house in Tampa also gives a family the freedom to relocate to where the job market is or where they can find a position.  With a rental house, there is not as much time devoted to taking care of a home; although Landlords do expect more than they used to. This is a result of rental houses being in such demand in the Tampa Bay Area.

Think about your decision and make it based on your personal goals.

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