Maximize Your Refund

In order to receive the maximum amount of your deposit back you need to return your rental home in the same condition that it was provided to you at the time of your move in. Some things that you can do to improve the possibility of a full refund of your deposit would be to follow the below instructions on cleaning the home for the next tenant. Also any damages that are incurred during the tenancy by any of the occupants of the home must be corrected. This includes but is not limited to, damages to the doors, walls, floors, appliances in the home outside of normal wear and tear. Our agent will schedule a time with you to complete a move out checklist, this normally happens on the last day of your residency in the rental home. This move out checklist is then compared to the original move in checklist and will help identify any issues that may have occurred during your tenancy. This is completed by the Property Manager that your rental home is assigned to at the time of your move out.

Cleaning Instructions


  1. Clean refrigerator, shelves, and freezer. Unplug and pull the refrigerator out away from the wall with doors open. Clean underneath and behind refrigerator. After cleaning, re-plug the refrigerator and leave it running.
  2. Clean cupboards, under sink, and baseboards.
  3. Clean under burners, controls, rings, drip pans and stove top. Wipe down front and sides of range. Exhaust fan must be clean and grease free.
  4. Clean oven–be sure to have all traces of oven cleaner wiped free.
  5. Scour sinks and remove all stains. Disposal should be clean and in working order.
  6. Sweep and mop kitchen floor.
  7. Exterior faces of cupboards should be wiped down and grease free.
  8. Dishwasher must be clean and in good working order.

Living Room:

  1. Carpets must be commercially cleaned–check with manager for the best way to handle this.
  2. Baseboards cleaned, and finger marks or other marks cleaned of switches and walls.
  3. Windows must be washed, inside and out, sills dusted and cleaned with damp cloth and window runners and tracks clean.


  1. Same as living room.
  2. Closets vacuumed and top shelf dusted.


  1. Toilet bowl must be scoured and cleaned with a disinfectant. The outside of the bowl, including the seat, rim, tank, and base must be clean and disinfected. An old toothbrush works well along the bolts and base of the toilet fixture.
  2. Bath tub must be scoured to remove any rings. Sides of the tub enclosure must be clean and free of any soap build-up. (Spray foam bathroom cleaner works well here.)
  3. Sink must be scoured and faucet polished. Wipe down counter top surrounding sink and wash mirror.
  4. All cabinets and drawers must be dusted and wiped clean. The exterior of cabinets should also be dusted and cleaned.
  5. Sweep and mop floor.

Storage Areas, Patios, Carports, Garages:

  1. Patios must be clean and swept.
  2. Storage area must be empty and swept