Tips on Finding Cheap Furniture

Neighborhood sales. Garage, moving and estate sales are a great way to fill out your bedroom collection with nightstands, dressers, stools, wardrobes and other pieces of bedroom furniture. If you’re a bargain hunter, then you know you need to get to the sale early to get the best deals and beat the crowd.

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Things To Do in Tampa Bay, Florida


Top Ten Restaurants in Tampa Bay, Florida
Tampa offers an eclectic array of restaurants.

The city of Tampa lies along Tampa Bay, amidst Florida’s west coast and less than 25 miles from St. Petersburg. Tampa features more than 330,000 residents, with close to 20 percent deriving from Latino origin. As a result, the city plays host to numerous eclectic restaurants, including a mixture of high-end and casual eateries, many of which feature full bars. Revered travel guides like Frommers, Fodors and Gayot provide the highest ratings to these 10 Tampa restaurants.

Bern’s Steak House

Located in the Hyde Park region, Bern’s Steak House ( serves up such fare as filet mignon, porterhouse and Chateaubriand. The upscale setting includes grand staircases, exposed brick walls, candlelight, a cheese cave, wine cellars and a dessert room outfitted with private booths.


Situated in the Historic Ybor neighborhood, the Latin-themed Columbia ( offers such tapas dishes as spiced ground beef empanadas, crab cakes and sauteed shrimp in chili pepper. The 1905 restaurant features 15 dining rooms equipped with such items as chandeliers, glass atrium ceilings and ornately tiled floors.


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Tampa Bay Real Estate Market

Is there hope for our local market for single family homes? I think so!  The good news is that the number of single family homes “For Sale” continues to decline.  Also, if you compare the second quarter 2011 statistics vs. second quarter 2010 statistics, there is an increase in all Single Family Homes “pending” (this is sales pending) of over 26%.

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Delinquent Tenants – When is a Tenant Delinquent?

A tenant’s rent should be due on the 1st of the month, and it is then considered late on the 2nd of the month.  This is stated in our company’s lease agreement; therefore, it is very clear to the tenant.  We do  give our tenant’s a five day grace period, so if they pay by midnight on the 5th of the month, they are not charged a late fee.

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If You Rent, You Need Renters Insurance

All renters should have their own personal property protection insurance, here’s why:

#1 – Your lease probably requires it.

Most leases require that tenants obtain renters insurance. If this requirement is included in your lease, and you sign the lease but do not purchase renters insurance, you are violating the terms of your lease. It’s that simple.

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How to Change Your A/C Filter

As a tenant, changing your A/C filters is not only your responsibility, it is essential to keeping your unit(s) running smoothly. The more dirt a filter holds, the harder your system has to work to pull air through it. The harder it works, the more energy it uses and the higher your electricity bill is.  What’s more, changing your filters regularly will cut down on indoor air pollutants and help keep your A/C unit from breaking down.

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